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Yosemite trip (5)

Jeff & youngest Young, Rayma Life, Fall 2015

As I work in the many homes of my customers, I see the desire to protect investments is a common reason for hiring a handyman.  And in today’s America, many investments feel more risky than they once were.  Real Estate, always trustworthy, came out shaky for years, which we experienced personally in North Carolina.  The stock market, so relied upon, has not proven so faithful in recent years.  One can wonder, what is the best way to store and protect the fruit of our labors?

In our growing family, we’ve p
ut time and resources into our children, so we can say we
’ve invested in our family, present and future.  We also gave up the second income possible from Samantha’s time so we can provide a full-time mother and homemaker for our five Young’uns.  She recalled recently her last employment; in Dallas, TX, she cleaned model homes, and found herself lost on the road one midnight. It was very  uncomfortable working in the empty houses as well. “Why am I doing this?” she asked herself. That ended the exchange of her time for money. She had to let me (and God) provide and live within that provision. But back to investments…

Recently we read a book on the command to “Store up treasure in heaven, where moth… rust.. and thieves.. [are not.]” In this book, Pastor R. Hertzler of Oregon points out that giving to the needs of the poor is giving unto Jesus himself as written in Matt 25:33-36. It also demonstrates God’s love in us (1 John 3:17-), and is an investment rewarded by God (Matt 6:3,4) and multiplied abundantly(Matt 19:29). God has widened our view of our possessions on earth and given us joy to invest in the needs around the globe.

We recommend Roger’s book, Through the Eye of a Needle, which is on his website for free in PDF or audio, and for sale at             Jeff Young

A gift of a bicycle,   Hosanna Young

I get to work with my dad sometimes (Jubilee too) and wanted to save money to buy  presents.  When we learned that workers in Asia have to walk for hours each day to visit the villages where they serve as pastors, we wanted to help.  All of us put our money together and we were able to buy a missionary bicycle for $110.  Even if we never meet him or his people before we get to heaven, we know that this is doing what Jesus said to “Store up treasure in heaven,” where it never gets lost or stolen.

Thanks for the work so we could be able to help.

Faith, Hope, and Love, by Samantha Young

Recently, we have found great joy in giving to desperate needs across the ocean. In the past, it has been easy for our family to justify NOT being generous or even very giving.  In comparison with other American families we have less, and we thought we should keep the leftovers for ourselves to save.

Jeff and I started asking God about His command to not lay up treasure on earth but to lay up treasure in heaven, and God has slowly been changing our hearts.  He actually has given us a great delight in giving.

This change started in prayer.  I began praying for the needs shared in the monthly Voice of the Martyrs Newsletter.  Each morning I was reminded of people with great needs or who made great sacrifices for the Lord as I lifted them up in prayer. Soon I started asking questions in my heart and eventually out loud.  How could we put more money toward our savings goal while Syrian refugees are without basic needs, a village in India has no access to clean water, or Christians are left with medical bills after been attacked by Islamic extremists?

Jeff was on the same journey in his heart with the Lord.  We were finding out that we both saw God giving us a chance to lay up treasure in heaven.  It is actually a blessing to give, and to not shut our hearts up to the obvious needs around the world. Jesus said, Whatever you have done to the least of these, you have done unto me (Matt 25:33-) How freeing to throw off selfishness and self- interest! We are excited to be on the path where we can direct our money to be part of serving the needs of others for His glory.
Mrs. Samantha Young

all the Young'uns at Yosemite this fall, 2015

all the Young’uns at Yosemite this fall, 2015


The Bible- Life’s guide ,
by Jubilee Young

I am thankful for my parents
And for my siblings too;
I am thankful for God’s word
For it tells us what to do.

It tells us to live God’s way
To love neighbors as our-self;
To give to others and obey
And live not for my-self.

My LORD, He died for me and you
And arose and lives again;
He wants to come into your heart
He’s knocking, so let Him in.
Final notes from Jeff Young
We have a new look to our family/work van.  In November, when we visited  in Oregon, Roger who hosted us showed us his sign-making ministry.  He offered us free van signs if we were interested.  It takes some thought to communicate the love and truth of the Bible in a few short words.  We chose, “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you,” because that is the heart call of God to all people. We lived long as believers without knowing how to really please God until a book highlighted Christ’s commands.  Starting in Matthew 5 with the “Sermon on the Mount” we focused in on the teachings of Jesus – so many clear things to obey. We shared the words of Jesus that have greatly impacted our life and faith on the van side:
Jesus said, “If you love me,
keep my commandments.” John 14:15

More Blessed to Give…

If you have an interest in giving to the poor through reliable agencies, here are some we have trusted for years, which are listed in the aforementioned book.

Christian Aid Ministries offers food, clothing, blankets and ships donated medical supplies, and much more.

Gospel for Asia provides drinking wells, small business startup needs and more.

Voice of the Martyrs supplies to needs of those persecuted for their faith, including orphaned children and refugee families of Syria and from Christian homes being burned by extremists.

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